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Security Comes With Success

Become an ADT Authorized Dealer.

Eric & Lisa Armstrong
All-in-One Security
ADT Authorized Dealer Since August '00
Louisville, KY
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When Americans Think Home Security, They Think ADT

When you become an Authorized Dealer with ADT, you're joining forces with America's most trusted name in home security. With a wide range of products to help protect against burglary, fire, flood and carbon monoxide, you'll provide homeowners with smart and secure solutions. Plus, ADT owns and operates six monitoring centers, so quick notifications to police, fire department and ambulance services are there 24/7 when homeowners need them. As an ADT Authorized Dealer, not only are you provided with the benefits and resources of an industry leader, but you have the opportunity to run and manage your own business as you help homeowners protect what matters most.

Click on the video (right side) to view a real lifesaver story about the Miller family, and see how All-In-One Security, an ADT Authorized Dealer, was able to help protect the family with services that not only saved their lives, but continue to provide peace of mind.

The Brand People Demand

5x more people choose ADT than the nearest competitor

As an ADT Authorized Dealer, you have the opportunity to capitalize on the undeniable power of the ADT brand name. The recognizable blue sign opens doors, which allows you to build your own business. ADT’s $100 million marketing program, combined with unparalleled advanced training, is why 250+ dealers nationwide are proud to be recognized as ADT Authorized Dealers.

ADT blue sign logo
*source: Brand and Advertising Tracking Study, February 2013, YouGov

#1 Authorized Dealer Program

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A Program That Works For You

ADT’s Authorized Dealer Program provides potential dealers the opportunity to open and run their own businesses, backed by personal support, advanced training and ADT-branded marketing by the most trusted name in home security.

The ADT Authorized Dealer Program Offers:

  • Higher net multiples*
  • Lower pass-through rates
  • Flexible RMR ranges
  • Time saving e-contracts
  • No hidden charges (that eat into your profits)
  • Full multiple for 3-year subscriber agreements (not 5-years, like some competitors)
  • Upgrade program that allows you to re-sign a customer simply by upgrading them
  • Free yard signs**, window stickers, and contracts
*Subject to execution and Terms and Conditions of the standard ADT Authorized Dealer agreement.
**Yard signs require upfront payment with funding deductions and are reimbursed through credits on new accounts

Advanced Training & Personalized Support

Not only does ADT provide a thorough onboarding program, taught by experienced professionals in our beautiful Aurora, CO offices, but ADT continues to support you and your business through ongoing trainings, seminars and workshops. These trainings provide individual attention - both in the classroom and on-location - and are performed by industry experts who help show you how to open doors so that you make more money.

Current Training SEMINARS

  • New Dealer Training - Aurora, CO
  • Door Knocking Training
  • Professional Sales Workshop
  • Pulse Immersion Seminar
  • Power Up! Rapid Recruiting/ Hiring Program
  • Advanced Leadership Training
  • Online Training Courses Available

Upcoming Convention and TRADESHOWS

ISC West Tradeshow
Las Vegas, NV - April 5-7, 2017

Dealer National Convention
San Juan, Puerto Rico - January 28-31, 2018

Click here for highlights from this year’s convention on a Silver Seas cruise to the Caribbean.

ADT Authorized Dealer training seminar

A Healthier Bottom Line

It's good to know that you can bank on ADT, both as the most trusted home security company in the country, and as a residual means of increasing your income.

A healthy cash flow means a healthy business and you can earn instant cash from your customers when you partner with ADT. You'll be paid directly by the customer when a qualified alarm system is installed. Once an account is purchased by ADT, you'll earn weekly compensation, paid to you by direct deposit.

Dealers have the opportunity to earn continuous income with revenue sharing and continuing equity payments for accounts they sell to ADT. We also handle all of the accounting for purchased alarm accounts, so you'll enjoy the freedom to concentrate on your clients and watch your business grow.

Subject to execution and Terms & Conditions of the standard ADT Authorized Dealer Agreement.
ADT helps grow your business

Real Dealers. Real Stories.

The Products People Want From A Name They Can Trust

Vendor Partnerships

Join the ADT Authorized Dealer Program Today!

"There are clear reasons why more than 250+ dealers chose to partner with ADT's Authorized Dealer Program. With innovative products, advanced training and personalized support, our dealers are proud to be a part of the #1 name in home security. Join the ADT family."

- Jim Vogel, Sr. Vice President - Dealer Business

Thank You!

Thank you for reaching out to learn more about ADT's Authorized Dealer Program.
We appreciate your interest and one of our team members will be contacting you shortly.

If you have urgent questions and would like to get a hold of our team right away, please call 855.JOIN.ADT.


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